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4 years 2 weeks ago #271 by KillerPro8599
PLEASE BELIEVE ME was created by KillerPro8599
Hi this is killerpro8599. I believe i was untreated unfairly, when i recently joined the server. i do apologize for cussing though that was immature of me. but i will tell you this. I did not grief the server, My xbox account Was in fact recently hacked for some reason. I went to log in and it kept just saying my password has been changed (at a certain time of day). It was not me And i did not grief anything or steal anything, and I am sorry that you all think that it was me. yesterday I did see lava around vivid’s base while misfit was there also, and i called him over to tell him about it, because i was unsure what to do with it. so i didn’t put any dirt to stop it because misfit told me to not to put the dirt there. Again i am sincerely very sorry for this whole mishap of what has recently happened. I am hoping that y’all forgive me, again for my immaturity and for cussing that was out of hand. again i’m sorry i hope y’all will forgive me, please do not ban me. i there have gave you my statement.

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