Well all we have decided that for Season 3 we are going to change things up a little. We are no longer going to be a Vanilla server running BDS.


This season we will be running a Java Server with Bedrock Crossplay so both Java and Bedrock clients will be able to join. This also gives us a lot more flexibility to be able to run some additional addons that will be beneficial to all our players. 


The Season 3 test server is open to the public and does not require signup on the website and there is no whitelist. You are able to claim land that only you or the people you give access to be able to build on and use your items. PVP is also not going to be a problem as you actually have to activate PVP to be able to fight others, also unless you have PVP turned on others can't hit you. If you die while fighting another person in PVP you will not loose your items but they will respawn with you. There is also an economy system and player shops to use. Instant rewards for voting are also used so you will earn money and experience every day you vote. You also recieve more land to claim and money for every hour you play on the server. 


If you would like to join the test server here is all you need.

IP: chspancraft.com
Java Port: 25565
Bedrock Port: 19134


More details will be coming....

We are now going to be giving rewards for voting for our server. The rewards will be given at the beginning of each month.


  • 1 Diamond for every 2 votes.
  • 15 Diamonds and 1 Netherite Ingot for voting 30 times in a month.

You will need to vote with your Player Name to earn the rewards. 

Server upgrade has been completed and you should notice a difference in gameplay. If you experience any problems please let me know, there are always bugs to work out with any changes made. I believe I have taken care of most already but I may have missed something. The server will be going down again for about 30 minutes in the future for 1 more additional upgrade but I will try to do it when the server is not populated.

We have a lot of people signing up then trying to login to the server. Please note that you must also leave a message in the Forums Requesting Server Access in order to be whitelisted. If you do not leave a message in the Forum and are not approved by an admin you will not be able to login to the server. 


If you are having problems leaving a message in the Forums you can join our Discord or use the Messaging system on the website. Please send your message to ChSpan.


Due to some people that have abused the server by hacking, griefing, destruction and theft of players things. We are now a whitelisted server. This is for the protection of our community and players, you MUST follow the 2 steps below to be added to the whitelist. You will not be added without following the two steps below do not ask us to be added without having completed the 2 simple steps below. If you are not willing to complete these steps then you are certainly not willing to take what is required to play on a survival Minecraft Server. There are no cheats here, no hacking or duping allowed. No server exploits allowed, this community is for those willing to put in the work build something great.


Steps to be able to login to the server.

 Please view the posting requirements for server access requests below.

Request Server Access