As with any game or place to have fun we need to have some rules. Unfortunately a few people can ruin it for everyone.


  • Have fun
  • Keep it clean, no swearing or griefing.
  • No hacking, duping, or cheating of any kind.
  • Do not destroy other people's property.
  • If you chop down a tree, replace it with some of the saplings you received.
  • If you use some of the Food plant more in the garden.
  • Don't kill the bees in the Garden or let them out they help plants grow faster.
  • If you kill animals in the pin then breed more to replace them.
  • Make a house and help the community grow, leave some supplies outside your house for others if you wish.
  • Put a sign by your door on your house so others know who's it is and if it's taken.

Most of these rules are regarding some of the community areas I have setup. Hopefully as the server grows we will get bigger and better community areas.